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31 dicembre 2014

Clean/flush DNS Cache in linux

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30 dicembre 2014

Rest Principles

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slide 10 on

GET     /questions          index       list of questions
GET     /questions/new      new         show new question form
POST    /questions          create      create a new question
GET     /questions/:id      show        show a specific question
GET     /questions/:id/edit edit        show form to edit question
PUT     /questions/:id      update      update a specific question
DELETE  /questions/:id      destroy     delete a specific question

27 dicembre 2014


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JGroups is a toolkit for reliable messaging. It can be used to create clusters whose nodes can send messages to each other. The main features include

> Cluster creation and deletion. Cluster nodes can be spread across LANs or WANs
> Joining and leaving of clusters
> Membership detection and notification about joined/left/crashed cluster nodes
> Detection and removal of crashed nodes
> Sending and receiving of node-to-cluster messages (point-to-multipoint)
> Sending and receiving of node-to-node messages (point-to-point)

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