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8 gennaio 2016

ruby-debug gem

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16 febbraio 2011

Setting up tomcat for remote debugging

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Pre-configuration …

set JPDA_TRANSPORT=dt_socket
bin/catalina.bat jpda start

export JPDA_ADDRESS=8000
export JPDA_TRANSPORT=dt_socket
bin/ jpda start

Once you have tomcat configured:
1. Start tomcat manually from the command line.
2. Set a breakpoint somewhere in your code (preferably something not associated with startup) by left-clicking to the left of a line of code.
3. Under the “Run” menu, select “Debug”
4. Single-click the heading “Remote Java Application”, then press the new button (looks like a page with a plus on it)
5. On the dialog that appears, enter a meaningful name
6. From the same dialog, change to the “Source” tab, then click “Add”
7. On the dialog that appears, single-click “Java Project”, then click “OK”
8. On the dialog that appears, click “Select All” (or check the projects you wish to import), then click “OK”
9. Now click the “Connect” tab and check the box marked “Allow termination of remote JVM”
10. Click “Apply” to save your changes
11. Click “Debug” to start testing your configuration
12. Open your browser and work until you reach your breakpoint. You should be directed into Eclipse where you will see the line of code with your breakpoint, a list of variables, etc., etc.

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